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Everyone loves great puzzles. Puzzles test our resourcefullness and ingenuity, and can help us think about problems in new and interesting ways. Some puzzles can help us improve our math skills or our vocabulary. Some puzzles help us improve our critical thinking abilities. And some puzzles help keep us from getting too bored on a slow day at work.

Test your skills

When you take the time to solve a puzzle, you're using your ability to recognize patterns to create order out of the chaos of the puzzle. Good puzzles will test the limit of your ability to reason inductively. The puzzles on this website are played for fun, but some mathematical and logical puzzles have stumped researchers for years, and their solution could contribute to the world's future prosperity.

You can learn a lot from puzzles

Words Puzzles on this site like Mahjong Words, and Word Search help to improve your vocabulary as well as your problem solving ability. We also have mathematical games like Sudoku and Reversi. Many Solitaire card games are puzzles you play against a deck of cards trying to bring order out of the disordered set of cards.

Play our free online puzzle games

Puzzles have been with humanity since it's beginning. As a species we are obsessed with learning and understanding. We can use puzzles to improve our reasoning ability, teach our children and just have fun. I hope you enjoy all the great puzzle games I've put together on this website.

Thanks for playing :-)

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