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Criss Cross

If you enjoy words and puzzles then Criss cross is probably a game for you. Criss cross holds the rudimental appearance of a crossword but instead of being supplied with a list of clues that you need to solve in the effort to complete the puzzle you will be gifted with a set of words. It is your task to place these words in the grid in a coherent way. The game has also been described as a scramble variant with the action of placing individual letters on a board replaced with placing whole words on a grid. This game is great for children as it will make them familiar with different words and the spelling of these words. But this doesn't mean it's restricted to the kid's domain, quite the contrary as adults will surely acquire fun out of this game and perhaps it may even expand their own vocab.

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How to play Criss Cross

1. You will be presented with a blank grid, the size of the grid will vary in accordance to individual preference but the typical grid will be 12×12 in size.

2. Below or beside this blank grid will be a list of words, the length of this list is dependent on the difficulty that you seek for the game i.e. if you want a simple game mode then the list may be below six words whereas if you desire a bit of a challenge then it may be that the Criss cross puzzle has more than six words displayed. These words may be completely random via the act of computer generation (if you are playing online) or you may choose to pick your own words or get a friend to pick them for you if you are playing in the physical sense (pen and paper). Or if you are playing in a group, then it may be fun to let each group member pick a word for the game. This will ensure variability, a fair game and will get the whole group involved.

3. After the words have been decided upon the filling in if the grid may commence. This is done by selecting a word out of the list and placing it either in a horizontal or vertical manner. This is the easy bit, what follows is where it becomes a little trickier. You will have to position the remaining words in the list in a way so that they intersect another word at a certain letter. The words may not be positioned diagonally or in a reverse direction.

4. Once you have managed to arrange all the words in the grid, and they are intersecting another word at least once then you have successfully managed to complete the word puzzle of Criss cross.

Notes on Criss Cross

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