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Mahjong Words

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Mahjong Words

Mahjong Words combines the ancient puzzle game of Mahjongg Solitaire with a modern word building game such as Scrabble.

Roots in Mahjong Solitaire

Some myths have attributed the creation of Mahjong to the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius. For centuries Chinese nobility made it illegal for commoners to play Mahjong because they believed it would increase their intelligence, and may stir them into revoult. The game played by the Chinese is similar to the western card game Rummy, but solitaire versions of the game have become popular as computer games. These Solitaire forms of the game involve removing matching tiles from a stack of tiles decorated with the Chinese symbols of Mahjong.

Word puzzle twist

Mahjong Words takes the game mechanic of Mahjong Solitaire and puts the letters of the English alphabet on the tiles. Instead of attempting to find matches, the player attempts to create words that are checked against an English dictionary. Like in the game of Scrabble, propper nouns are not allowed.


When a player creates a word with 7 letters, that player gets a 'Bingo'. If a player creates an 8 letter word, and uses a wild card, the player gets a 2x Bingo, or a 'Double Bingo'. This gives the player two bingo points. If the player creates an 8 letter word without using any wild cards he gets a 4x Bingo or 'Super Bingo'. This gives the player 4 Bingo Points. Additionally, the player gets bingo points for streaks. A streak is when you get more than one bingo in a row. When you score a streak bingo, you get the sum of all the previous bingos in the streak added to your bingo score. This allows you to run up huge bingo scores.

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